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Welcome to my new Web page!
Heare at models by me , you can have
the models that you allways wanted
but could'nt because, you can't paint them or build them your self.Well FEAR
NOT!! Now you just send them here and will have them painted and assembled in no time.
your picture here
The frankenstein's Flivver is just one of many kits you can have done.
Cost and shipping...
Hi again
let's get down to the best part,cost:
all plastic kits start at $ 25.00 & up
all reson kits start at $ 50.00 & up
depending on what kit is involved. prices do not include shipping
you must provide shipping costs both ways.Example: the frankenstein's flivver
would be $ 25.00 + $ 10.00 shipping
for a tolal of $35.00 from your house to mine and back fulley painted and bulit! providing you live in the usa.
I will allways give an estement before it ever leves your house.

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